Nova Launcher Prime 2017

Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version of Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher prime is one of the best launcher of android. Nova Launcher prime is highly customizable home screen for Android smart phone devices. For Modern Android devices there is no better option than nova launcher prime for users. Nova Launcher prime helps you change icons, layouts, change colors, change tabs and a lot more.

Basic Features Of Nova Launcher Prime 2017:

The following are the key features of Nova Launcher Prime.

  • With Nova launcher prime you can access your favorite apps by swiping, pinch, taping etc.
  • Nova launcher prime counts your unread messages. With nova launcher Prime you never misses a single message. Nova Launcher prime reads messages of your inbox of cell, Gmail messages, messenger messages, whatsapp messages and other sources messages.
  • Nova launcher prime helps you create different new tabs in the app drawer. Because of this feature you can create separate tabs for alike apps and games. Which is easy for you to access.
  • Nova launcher prime enables you to keep you drawer and display clean by providing you a hide option for unused apps and games.
  • With Nova Launcher prime you can create different short cuts for accessing different apps and games on your home screen.

Whats Added New:

  • The latest version of Nova Launcher Prime is 5.5.3.
  • The new version was released on date jan 12, 2018.
  • New features were added such as Bug fixes and Optimizations options.

Final Words:

Nova launcher prime is a cheap launcher for android devices. Its cost is very low but provide you a lot of optimization and customization options for your home screen. Design your home screen according to your own specific need. Color your display and icons to make your display look more attractive and beautiful to use.

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